June 3, 1978


The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) implemented an initiative to create a national strategic resource to provide diesel engines to the South African market – Atlantis Diesel Engines (ADE).


June 3, 1979

Incorporation of Finesco (Pty) Ltd – the development company tasked with the development of the ADE facility. Construction of ADE in Atlantis begins.


June 3, 1980


ADE Complex comprising of two engine factories completed.


June 4, 1981

Completion of the ADE machining and assembly facility with the first roll-off of “Engine Number 1”, (Picture available) Official opening of ADE Construction of Atlantis Foundry by Ferroform Durban Transport Management Board orders 150 MAN buses powered by ADE 407 engines


June 4, 1982

First castings produced by the Foundry First release of ADE powered ERF model 66 truck


June 4, 1984

Introduction of first Computer Aided Design drafting system Construction of Employee Housing scheme in Robinvale, Atlantis


June 4, 1985

Foundry purchased from Ferroform Group and incorporated into ADE


June 4, 1986

Foundry produces 45,000 castings


June 4, 1987

ADE Sport Complex is opened in Atlantis


June 4, 1989

6-tonne pressure pour furnace installed


June 4, 1991


Construction of employee housing scheme in Westfleur, Atlantis ADE Men’s Choir wins first prize in the annual National Choir Competition held in Cape Town Launch of Bell Equipment’s articulated dump truck powered by the ADE 442 V-block engine


June 4, 1992

Power House Engineering (Pty) Ltd formed as a distributer of ADE products


June 4, 1994

Conversion of petrol-driven mini-bus taxis to diesel-driven engines by Power House Engineering using ADE engines ADE achieves ISO 9001certification ADE purchases ADE Reman from Probuilt NEI Africa to rebuild and recondition ADE engines already in the market


June 4, 1995

ADE assembles tractors for Massey Ferguson The MAN 26.502 truck is named the most powerful truck in South Africa and is powered by an ADE engine


June 4, 1996

Golden Arrow Buses replaces the engines in its 700-strong fleet with ADE 447 engines ADE is appointed as distributor in Southern Africa by Perkins UK


June 4, 1997

100,000th 300 series engine is produced at ADE


June 4, 1998

ADE wins contract to supply 140,000 engine blocks for Mercedes Benz passenger vehicles ADE 447 series engines are selected to power Nissan Diesel Coca Cola Delivery Trucks ADE completes delivery of 10,000 diesel engines to partner company in Cuba


June 4, 1999


The foundry is acquired by DaimlerChrysler and becomes Atlantis Foundries The Foundry has an annual sales tonnage of just over 17,000 tonnes with a workforce of about 550 people


June 4, 2002

DaimlerChrysler purchases the Business Park and the machining facilities


June 4, 2003

3rd 10 tonne induction furnace installed to increase melting capacity


June 4, 2004

Installation of first modern era core shooting machine


June 4, 2006

Commencement of the Atlantis Foundries Expansion Project (AFEX) – a new fettling area, new coreshop and 2nd moulding line


June 4, 2007

Start of production of new multi-stage shot blast machine


June 4, 2010


Construction of the new scrap steel handling facility in Melting


June 4, 2011

Addition of a 4th 10-tonne induction furnace to further increase melting capacity


June 4, 2012

Record year of production to date – 60,000 tonnes cast Incorporation of robotics within the production process with the commissioning of the first two robots ‘Nizaam’, installed in the Reichmann Shotblast machine, and ‘Eben’ for automatization of core dipping


June 4, 2013

Roll-out of plant-wide visual safety program Start of the Mouldline 1 upgrade and next-generation product implementation programs


June 4, 2014

Addition of ‘Scarra’ to the AF robot team, a vent drilling robot on the mouldline


June 4, 2015

Fire stops production for 8 days after technical failure. Nobody was injured as a result of the incident ‘Eben II’ is flown in to replace the original ‘Eben’ Installation of robot ‘Demitri’ on the Mouldline as an additional safety measure to avoid pouring of scrap moulds.


June 28, 2015

Atlantis Foundries sold by Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz South Africa), to Neue Halberg-Guss GmbH


June 29, 2015

79,000 tonnes cast beating the previous record set in 2012 by 19,000 tonnes.


June 4, 2016

Paint for core assemblies is changed from alcohol-based to water-based, improving health and safety of our Employees and the environment


June 4, 2017

Installation of Core Drilling robot ‘Cheslin’, Offloading robot ‘Caster’, and training robot ‘Robbie’ Introduction of the use of Artificial Intelligence in production to help predict and identify scrap and sub-surface defects


June 4, 2018

Implementation of automatic inspection, further utilising Artificial Intelligence to improve the quality process Installation of robot ‘Steven’ to automatically mill front and rear faces of castings, reducing the fettling workload. Robot ‘Siya’ installed to automatically load and unload castings for spotting


May 1, 2019

1 Millionth H-DEP Block sold   ♦ Record molds produced 180k   ♦ Record tons poured 100k   ♦ Record quality at a customer – 2 months with zero scrap   ♦ 4 melting furnaces available simultaneously for the 1st time with the completion of the “Harmonics” project   ♦ New molding line control room introduced in preparation for the switch from S5 to S7 controls   ♦ 5th ABP melting furnace body for quick exchange introduced   ♦ Certified for ISO14000 and ISO18000


April 28, 2020

Foundry of the Year award ♦ Sustainability award


April 28, 2020


Newly renovated offices.