HOPE @ Atlantis
Atlantis Foundries is the main sponsor of HOPE @ Atlantis.

HOPE @ Atlantis is an educational program run by the Stellenbosch University (SUN) aimed at assisting students to achieve a better understanding and application of Maths and Science in High School, and empower them to enter into tertiary education.

It is open for all learners from Atlantis High Schools.

All interested learners attend classes in Atlantis, free of charge during school holidays.

Soup Kitchens
It is common knowledge that unemployment, poverty and hunger goes hand in hand. Unfortunately, all of the above are a reality in some areas of Atlantis.

Sadly, most people who live in these conditions did not choose it. Many children are innocently born into impoverished families and suffer as a result.

Atlantis Foundries believes in helping to provide for families who cannot afford the basic things in life such as food.

In partnership with a registered NPO, An Extra Mile, we supply not only funding, but also food stocks to 15 soup kitchens in the local community, who in turn, ensure that the most vulnerable are fed with at least one hearty meal at least once a day.

Just a small donation by our Employees goes a long way. For all voluntary contributions made by our Employees, Atlantis Foundries adds a contribution of triple that amount.

Orion Organisation
Atlantis Foundries supports the Orion Organisation, an NPO based in Westfleur, Atlantis, which specializes in the development of life and entrepreneurial skills of people of all ages with physical and mental disabilities.

Our reception areas proudly display a wide range of artwork purchased from Orion and passionately created by their ‘Art Boys’, an art project supported by internationally recognized Cape Town based artist Richard Scott.

Atlantis Foundries is committed to continue to support this amazing Organisation that strives to provide ‘normal’ opportunities for work.

We are proud to be actively involved in various projects such as ‘Adopt a home’ – a new project for 2018 aimed at improving the homes and facilities at Orion.

Hamlets Rugby Club – Mamre
For many years, Atlantis Foundries has supported Hamlets Rugby Club, who since 1960, have been helping to raise responsible and disciplined young men, by changing the lives of many underprivileged young boys and households in the community of Mamre.

In a community where unemployment is one of the biggest social issues, sponsorships such as the support provided by Atlantis Foundries, helps the club to go that bit further in helping children and unemployed people have a purpose in life, be active in the sport, and find a safe place where they feel they belong.

“Money should not stop someone from achieving and doing what they love” is the philosophy of Hamlets.

This talented club currently competes in the Super League of the Western Province Club Rugby Competition.

More information on some of our regular beneficiaries can be found at: